13 Sins (2014)

Scary 13 Sins (2014) Movie

               Horrors and Terrors 13 Sins

13 Sins is an American horror film directed by Daniel Stamm and it is about a bright, meek salesman, named Elliot Brindle. He is drowning in debt and desperate as he’s about to marry the love of his wife. Suddenly he receives a mysterious phone call which says that he is been watched on a hidden camera game show where he must execute 13 tasks to receive a huge sum of amount about $6.2M as cash prize.

The difficulty level of the tasks keeps on increasing as it moves from one task to another along with more macabre. Elliot does few tasks and to his surprise finds thousands of dollars appearing in his bank account.

He can stop playing the game at anytime but under one condition that he has to refund all the money that he had won. He is trapped into horrors and terrors manipulated by unknown spectators and he needs to finish the game as the tasks grow more extreme to a devastating point where there is no exit. This movie is a must watch movie on Halloween and some tasks are really creepy and scary.