Curse of the Chucky (2013)

Halloween scary chucky movie

                 Creepy Chucky Thriller Movie

This film is an American horror film written and directed by Don Mancini and the story is all about the chucky doll which mysteriously kills people. Sarah the mother of Nica receives a package containing a creepy red haired chucky doll which she throws in the garbage. Nica, who is a wheel-chair bound since birth finds her mother dead that night. Her sister Barb attends the funeral with her husband Ian and her daughter Alice and Father Frank along with any Jill also attended the service.

As days pass by, Nica started to investigate and finds information about the doll on Internet and discovers that the package was sent from the evidence depository. After many continuous deaths, fearless Nica suspects that the creepy Chucky is much more than a doll. Alice starts to love the chucky doll and mysterious deaths occur and the story continuous with full of suspense and thrill. It is a must watch movie for this halloween which keeps us thrilled and electrified.