Haunt (2013)

Halloween Haunt (2013) Horror Film

           Thrill and Horror Murder Film

Haunt is a horror film directed by Mac Carter which was his debut film in direction. This story starts with the narration of Mrs. Morello about how her family members were murdered one by one in a mysterious way. Then it shows how frank tries to communicate with dead people using a box and is mysteriously killed by a ghost.

When Evan Asher and his family move into the same house they are unaware of the mysterious deaths that have taken place. Soon after their arrival Evan begins to experience some supernatural paranormal activities and finds a mysterious neighbor to find out the truth. As these couples spend a lot of time together they fall in love with each other and find a box which enables them to communicate with the dead.

They come to find out that the abnormal paranormal activities are due to the previous ghostly haunted spirits and so Evan burned that box and seals the attic room. Sam was possessed by an evil spirit and kills Evan with a hammer and later she was arrested by the cops for the crime. The story ends with the voice of Mrs. Morello saying from now this house will be haunted by Evan. This is a must watch movie on Halloween with full sound effects to experience the thrill and horror on that scary day.