Mama (2013)

Halloween Mama (2013) Ghost Movie

           Spanish–Canadian horror film

Mama is a Spanish–Canadian supernatural horror film written and directed by Andres Muschietti based on an Argentinean short film mama. Jeffrey Desange has a breakdown in his business due to financial collapse and he kills the co-workers and his even dear wife.

He then kidnaps his two daughters Victoria and Lilly and drives his car recklessly to an isolated cabin where he plans to kill his daughter. When he was about to kill them, they were saved by a ghost. After five years, Lucas, Jeffrey’s twin brother fins the children who have been raised by “Mama”.

After all the investigations, Lucas and his girl friend Annabel move into a new house along with the children and find out that the girls have brought Mama with them and their lives are in danger. Each and every sequence in this movie thrills us and it brings goose-bumps when Mama comes to visit the children. It is a must watch movie on Halloween night and one must not miss how the movie ends.