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Ghastly Gargoyle Halloween Boys Costume


Ghastly Gargoyle  is a boy’s costume and it is a lonely life at the top of the cathedral.At the top of the cathedral there was pigeons and bats, there were the  companion of Ghastly gargoyle.The companions may come and go.Back in days  there was a friendly hunchbacked guy who rung the church bells.Pigeons come and go out of the city and it knows what’s going on in the city but it annoys it.Bats are silent and they are not good in conversing.Gargoyle left the lonely life of Cathedral.Carved stone creature who guards church against bad luck.

Your child’s Halloween dress will seriously rock up as the  ghastly gargoyle this year. The fabric costume makes  look like a stone grotesque has come to the real life to  scare the evil spirits . The wings and mask perfectly represent the statues carved into the stonework of Gothic architecture.Your child will be the rocker and the winner of this scary costume.

ghastly gargoyle halloween boys costume

ghastly gargoyle halloween boys costume

  • 100% polyester, fabric , fiberfill and polyurethane foam.
  • Chest and shoulders are filled with fiberfill pad.
  • Printed with chisel stone
  • Mask and  Shoulders with elastic.
  • And  your  looks fit in it and will give a granular look.