Adult Headless Halloween Horseman Costume


Try this Adult Headless Costume in this Halloween season!! This costume  brings  the legend of sleepy hollow to life . Adult Headless Horseman Costume is the life of sleepy hollow. And persuade Ichabod crane to leave sleepy hollow! Crane was NOT the Headless Horseman, he was a schoolmaster and superstitious man whose marriage proposal to the daughter of local farmer has been rejected. He was riding his horse back to the sleepy hollow(a fictional village). Crane heard about the local stories of a Revolutionary War and he was encountered by Cannonball and his head blownoff and he died. Next morning his unsaddled horse wandered on seeing Crane’s hat beside the road , the saddle trampled and a smashed pumpkin near his hat.

Wear this costume with your black pants,boots and gloves which will be even more realistic and horror. Also carry a pumpkin as a prop for a complete spooky look!!!


adult headless halloween horseman costume

100% polyester with inflatable shoulders and  molded  vinyl headpiece as realistic.