Child Soul Taker Costume


Being a soul taker ,the job is too hard to take up the soul of the child. At midnights, the soul taker has to look into streets  for soul taking, especially the teenagers who use phones unrestrictedly and also the teenagers who drive vehicles  without any rules or license . So, this costume would be enough to make a pretty and scary soul  taker. This can make the little ones so easily fright. So, this would be an amazing costume.

This costume would be more suitable for your child and the costume would be more frightening  as a dishonest reaper in the Halloween nights. A black hood pullover robe  covers the entire face and fastens the neck with ties at the back. The robe is designed with poly knit mesh and it is draped from the neck and shoulders  for the ultimate look.



100%  polyester  and  fabric.

Sleeves with long black fringe.

At the bottom of the robe printed with white souls.