Women Dreadful Nun Costume


If you ever been in a school of catholic, nuns probably scare you. However, this nun costume is the scariest that we’ve ever encountered. There is a creepy story of this terrifying costume and if you have guts read on and find out why this nun costume is fearsome??

Sister Mary Catherine was a responsible and honorable  nun who served the priest and her church. Things  changed and she was the priest with an exorcism. A girl with evil demon trapped inside the nun. So,Sister Mary  were controlled by that demon girl. The exorcism is so tedious. The priest was able to lift the demon girl successfully from Sister Mary. Do you know why it is fearsome?? The Satanic demon hopped from Mary’s  body and that appeared as a ghoulish appearance!!!

This dreadful  nun costume  depicts Sister Mary after  her possession!!

Costume includes complete black dress, Headpiece ,Collar, Leggings and Pair of gloves. Recommended black costumes for completeness. Once you and your costume ready, untether your inner demon and the evocative begins!!


women dreadful nun costume