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Chiller Zombie Mask


Do you want  to put on some scary masks to frighten your neighbours and make the person’s blood run cold??The easiest way to frighten your neighbours  is the CHILLER ZOMBIE MASK. The mask looks like a person who died long years  ago and appears like he is still alive. It  appears like the wrinkled white skin with decayed teeth and thin grayish hair. Fans of zombie movies will love to put up this CHILLER ZOMBIE MASK. Just put on  the mask over your head and you will be ready to hear the screaming sound and the terrorizing begins with a minimal amount of effort. Do try this mask!!!


                       chiller zombie mask

Halloween 4 Foot Hanging Scary Ghost Reaper


It’s a four foot Scary Halloween hanging. You can use this for your home decorations and make your neighbours, friends and relatives frighten!! You can use this for both indoor and outdoor use. The materials made of plastic, fabric and nylon. This can be hanged near a window, a doorway or in a tree to make them extra fright to a  trick- or -treaters night! Picture  all your visitors they will be screaming and running for the door. Halloween day is so much fun and choosing the right décor is absolutely a beginning!



Burlap Voodoo Doll Women Costume


When you began splash in Voodoo you won’t realize that you would be get sucked so deeply into it. A mysterious woman who introduced herself as Ms. Laveau, started it  in New Orleans. You  may know that this was the woman that has been talked about for hundreds of years? And you were you supposed to know that we were tasting a Sazerac with the voodoo queen of New Orleans?

When she started to train in the art of Vodoo, you considered simply  learning a couple chants or potions. But since you were learning from the legendary, immortal queen and you liked the idea of keeping a shrine, lighting incense, and putting out offerings and you were  more than you pledged  for. You considered Marie Laveau  had a crafting project in mind, when she arrived at your house with a length of burlap. You suspected that she might be making you some kind of ceremonial robes, When she began taking your measurements and  She asked you to try it on and began to chant. You began to feel strange in fashionable dress and later on you began to feel stiff. When you tried to ask the Voodoo queen what she was doing you found that your mouth was nothing but a stitched line.

Sure,It may sound like a sad story but think of these way that you are the only one and the most powerful lasting Voodoo queen in the world. This costume is actually quite cute with pleats at the gut.


        Burlap Voodoo Doll Women Costume

100% jute dress with polyester lining with items included such as wig(built in wig cap),glasses(faux leather) and choker.

Women Dreadful Nun Costume


If you ever been in a school of catholic, nuns probably scare you. However, this nun costume is the scariest that we’ve ever encountered. There is a creepy story of this terrifying costume and if you have guts read on and find out why this nun costume is fearsome??

Sister Mary Catherine was a responsible and honorable  nun who served the priest and her church. Things  changed and she was the priest with an exorcism. A girl with evil demon trapped inside the nun. So,Sister Mary  were controlled by that demon girl. The exorcism is so tedious. The priest was able to lift the demon girl successfully from Sister Mary. Do you know why it is fearsome?? The Satanic demon hopped from Mary’s  body and that appeared as a ghoulish appearance!!!

This dreadful  nun costume  depicts Sister Mary after  her possession!!

Costume includes complete black dress, Headpiece ,Collar, Leggings and Pair of gloves. Recommended black costumes for completeness. Once you and your costume ready, untether your inner demon and the evocative begins!!


women dreadful nun costume


Adult Headless Halloween Horseman Costume


Try this Adult Headless Costume in this Halloween season!! This costume  brings  the legend of sleepy hollow to life . Adult Headless Horseman Costume is the life of sleepy hollow. And persuade Ichabod crane to leave sleepy hollow! Crane was NOT the Headless Horseman, he was a schoolmaster and superstitious man whose marriage proposal to the daughter of local farmer has been rejected. He was riding his horse back to the sleepy hollow(a fictional village). Crane heard about the local stories of a Revolutionary War and he was encountered by Cannonball and his head blownoff and he died. Next morning his unsaddled horse wandered on seeing Crane’s hat beside the road , the saddle trampled and a smashed pumpkin near his hat.

Wear this costume with your black pants,boots and gloves which will be even more realistic and horror. Also carry a pumpkin as a prop for a complete spooky look!!!


adult headless halloween horseman costume

100% polyester with inflatable shoulders and  molded  vinyl headpiece as realistic.


Child Soul Taker Costume


Being a soul taker ,the job is too hard to take up the soul of the child. At midnights, the soul taker has to look into streets  for soul taking, especially the teenagers who use phones unrestrictedly and also the teenagers who drive vehicles  without any rules or license . So, this costume would be enough to make a pretty and scary soul  taker. This can make the little ones so easily fright. So, this would be an amazing costume.

This costume would be more suitable for your child and the costume would be more frightening  as a dishonest reaper in the Halloween nights. A black hood pullover robe  covers the entire face and fastens the neck with ties at the back. The robe is designed with poly knit mesh and it is draped from the neck and shoulders  for the ultimate look.



100%  polyester  and  fabric.

Sleeves with long black fringe.

At the bottom of the robe printed with white souls.

Ghastly Gargoyle Halloween Boys Costume


Ghastly Gargoyle  is a boy’s costume and it is a lonely life at the top of the cathedral.At the top of the cathedral there was pigeons and bats, there were the  companion of Ghastly gargoyle.The companions may come and go.Back in days  there was a friendly hunchbacked guy who rung the church bells.Pigeons come and go out of the city and it knows what’s going on in the city but it annoys it.Bats are silent and they are not good in conversing.Gargoyle left the lonely life of Cathedral.Carved stone creature who guards church against bad luck.

Your child’s Halloween dress will seriously rock up as the  ghastly gargoyle this year. The fabric costume makes  look like a stone grotesque has come to the real life to  scare the evil spirits . The wings and mask perfectly represent the statues carved into the stonework of Gothic architecture.Your child will be the rocker and the winner of this scary costume.

ghastly gargoyle halloween boys costume

ghastly gargoyle halloween boys costume

  • 100% polyester, fabric , fiberfill and polyurethane foam.
  • Chest and shoulders are filled with fiberfill pad.
  • Printed with chisel stone
  • Mask and  Shoulders with elastic.
  • And  your  looks fit in it and will give a granular look.

Annabelle (2014)

Annabelle movie was directed by John Leonetti. It is an American horror movie written by Gary Gauberman. The story fully based on real doll Annabelle. The film made a prequel to The Conjuring. 29th September 2014 the film was released on Hollywood, California and 3rd October 2014 the movie was released worldwide. The total box office is $256.5 million, but the budget was $6.5 million only.

Two young women and young men telling Ed and Lorraine Warren about their doll experience. In this file Annabelle Wallis is one of the leading roles. John and mia form live in Santa Monica and expecting their first child. John gives her a rare vintage doll and she loves it

On one horrific night, their home is invaded by members of a satanic cult, who aggressively attack the couple. Spilled blood and terror are not all they leave behind. The cultists have conjured an entity so malevolent that nothing they did will compare to the sinister conduit to the damned that is now… Annabelle…

Pumpkin Halloween

Halloween pumpkin

                     Horror Pumpkin Mask

The introduction of pumpkin in Halloween has an interesting imaginative story behind it. This practice originated from an ancient Irish myth about a man named “Jack” who was very stingy in nature. He invited the devil for a drink and he cheated the devil by not paying for the drink. Several times, he did the same and deceived the devil in many ways. After his death, his soul was not accepted in Heaven due to his bad character and he was rejected in hell too because he has tricked the devil himself. So he was sent off into the dark night with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put this burning coal into a carved out turnip and has been roaming all over the Earth ever since. Thus, the scary figure was referred to as the “Jack of Lanterns” or simply “Jack O ‘Lantern”.

Pumpkin Halloween masks are also available these days to scare the maximum and different designs of scary pumpkins are manufactured to look more evil and devilish. These pumpkins are also used for making various Halloween recipes on that day of terror sand horror.

Curse of the Chucky (2013)

Halloween scary chucky movie

                 Creepy Chucky Thriller Movie

This film is an American horror film written and directed by Don Mancini and the story is all about the chucky doll which mysteriously kills people. Sarah the mother of Nica receives a package containing a creepy red haired chucky doll which she throws in the garbage. Nica, who is a wheel-chair bound since birth finds her mother dead that night. Her sister Barb attends the funeral with her husband Ian and her daughter Alice and Father Frank along with any Jill also attended the service.

As days pass by, Nica started to investigate and finds information about the doll on Internet and discovers that the package was sent from the evidence depository. After many continuous deaths, fearless Nica suspects that the creepy Chucky is much more than a doll. Alice starts to love the chucky doll and mysterious deaths occur and the story continuous with full of suspense and thrill. It is a must watch movie for this halloween which keeps us thrilled and electrified.