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The Ghost face costume is the outfit worn by the main antagonists of the Scream franchise, consisting of a rubber white mask with black eyes, nose and mouth and a black, cloth-like material, hooded-robe with faux-tatters draping from the arms and a spiked-trim to the base of the outfit.

Day of the Dead Catrina Mask


Halloween  is one of the favorite  holiday of ours and if you are looking to really frighten your friends in an easiest way of your scary look costume, Day of the Dead Catrina Mask  would be amazing. This mask is made of latex. This white mask may seem to be boring but it has painted with Simplistic yet alluring design to look like a traditional  Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls, which is to mourn the end of Halloween. Try this amazing mask on Halloween and Welcome the spirits in your style!!!

A  Great for celebrating the Day of the Dead!


             day of the dead catrina mask

Tongue Slasher Adult Latex Mask


Put on some scary masks  and  enjoy your Halloween with fun!!! This scary mask is fully covered over the head and totally maniac, mouth gaping with tongue hanging out. The mask is hand-painted for the most realistic look. The face of evil! Do try this mask for a scary look!!!


              tongue slasher adult latex mask

Scary Double Face Halloween Mask


The mask is totally different because it has two evil  faces.The  mask made of latex material and it is  eco-friendly and non-toxicable.It is wide and extensive so it can be easily fit for a child or an adult’s  face. Do try this mask to make a wonderful  Halloween and  make your neighbours , friends, relatives fright!!!


scary double face halloween mask

Chiller Zombie Mask


Do you want  to put on some scary masks to frighten your neighbours and make the person’s blood run cold??The easiest way to frighten your neighbours  is the CHILLER ZOMBIE MASK. The mask looks like a person who died long years  ago and appears like he is still alive. It  appears like the wrinkled white skin with decayed teeth and thin grayish hair. Fans of zombie movies will love to put up this CHILLER ZOMBIE MASK. Just put on  the mask over your head and you will be ready to hear the screaming sound and the terrorizing begins with a minimal amount of effort. Do try this mask!!!


                       chiller zombie mask