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Halloween 4 Foot Hanging Scary Ghost Reaper


It’s a four foot Scary Halloween hanging. You can use this for your home decorations and make your neighbours, friends and relatives frighten!! You can use this for both indoor and outdoor use. The materials made of plastic, fabric and nylon. This can be hanged near a window, a doorway or in a tree to make them extra fright to a  trick- or -treaters night! Picture  all your visitors they will be screaming and running for the door. Halloween day is so much fun and choosing the right décor is absolutely a beginning!



Pumpkin Halloween

Halloween pumpkin

                     Horror Pumpkin Mask

The introduction of pumpkin in Halloween has an interesting imaginative story behind it. This practice originated from an ancient Irish myth about a man named “Jack” who was very stingy in nature. He invited the devil for a drink and he cheated the devil by not paying for the drink. Several times, he did the same and deceived the devil in many ways. After his death, his soul was not accepted in Heaven due to his bad character and he was rejected in hell too because he has tricked the devil himself. So he was sent off into the dark night with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put this burning coal into a carved out turnip and has been roaming all over the Earth ever since. Thus, the scary figure was referred to as the “Jack of Lanterns” or simply “Jack O ‘Lantern”.

Pumpkin Halloween masks are also available these days to scare the maximum and different designs of scary pumpkins are manufactured to look more evil and devilish. These pumpkins are also used for making various Halloween recipes on that day of terror sand horror.

Halloween Party

Unlike other casual parties, Halloween is something very unique and grabs a special attention as it involves a lot of supernatural beliefs and deals with creepy gory dead souls and also a tribute to the dead believers. It has taken it roots from ancient Celtic ritual practice popularly known as the Samhain which indicates the end of the harvest season and beginning of the darker half of the year in Gaelic culture. It is celebrated on 31st of October, two days before the All Saints Day, connecting the world of the living and dead.

Many follow different kinds of practices and rituals on the darkest hour of this day and one among them is offering prayers to the dead with candles in their hands. Daunting masks and nerve-racking costumes are worn on that day to look terrific and scary. The best part of Halloween party is playing pranks and tricks on your friends and neighbors, pumping their adrenal glands and triggering their fight or flight response.

Scary Halloween Party

                            Halloween Party

Carving evil laugh pumpkins, decorating houses with evil vampires and bats and watching the scariest and petrifying movies of all times are a part of Halloween party. In modern Ireland, this festival includes mumming and guising and is considered to be one of terror-stricken events. Trick or treat is a common game played by children, knocking each door on Halloween day to get their gift and if not given, threat of pranks will be thrown at them. Altogether, it is a day full of fun, excitement, horror, terror and twitchiness.